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Comic Conventions

Post by AlexRowley » Fri 22 Jun , 2018 2:32 pm

Starting to get excited for London MCM in October, and started wondering. A lot of us on the spectrum are into anime/comics/games and other things which are often the subject of conventions.

Have you ever been to a convention, how did you find it as someone with autism? Is it something you do often / would do again?

If you haven't, is that because you aren't interested or because of barriers you face?

Personally, I've only ever been to London MCM at the Excel Centre. I first went in 2013, and have been about 5 times, averaging around once a year. It took a few tries to finally go, as I can't go into London by myself. I thought the crowds would be a big problem, but whilst it is pretty crowded it feels different to Romford High Street. There's something friendlier about the crowds, a shared atmosphere of being there to have a good time.

I think my favourite part of MCM is the comic village, where you can buy indie comics straight from the creators. Two of my favourite comics are Moon and Penny Blackfeather, in fact I'd say half the reason I go is to buy the latest issues and get them signed xD
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Re: Comic Conventions

Post by ClicketyNick66 » Sat 30 Jun , 2018 12:25 am

Haven't been to any myself but I do have a few friends that go to them religiously, and one friend who sells his comics there!

I don't really follow the comic world so I'd probably feel quite confused and uncomfortable in those crowds, but I'm glad to hear that others on the spectrum have a good time there. :)

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