Girls, Women and Autism

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Girls, Women and Autism

Post by LadyStone aka Caragh » Fri 26 Apr , 2019 10:39 am

hey guys, binks here. I am doing research about Girls, Women and Autism (as seen in the title).

in 1943, a man called Leo Kanner an Austrian-American Psychiatrist Physician and social activist known for his Autism related work. Leo Kanner noticed there was four times (4x) boys to girls with autism. unfortunately Leo Kanner died thirty eight (38) years after his discovery.

Hans Asperger stated girls and women was not in anyway affected by Autism (how wrong he was) in 1944. apparently he changed his mind later on. Hans Asperger died thirty six (36) years later.

Geneticist Stephan J Sanders came up with the robust hypothesis that girls are protected from autism meaning female protective effect which was said can be used to help lead to a cure.

being a female on the spectrum of both autism and ADHD. I can tell you Stephan J Sander hypothesis is incorrect. We are not protected by Autism, we are a victim of Autism. Because we are being ignored, and lost within a system that's supposed to be there to help and guide us. Girls and Women are being left in the dark, and being told nothings wrong, when in reality nothings right.

How many more Girls and Women have to live knowing their not like other Girls, Women they know?

we need to change before it's too late.
Caragh from the past

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