Code of Conduct [As of 19/04/2018]

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Code of Conduct [As of 19/04/2018]

Post by AlexRowley » Fri 13 Apr , 2018 12:09 pm

Code of Conduct
Updated 26/04/2018

Below you will find the community's code of conduct. This is a list of rules and guidelines for how to behave when using these forums, designed to encourage an accessible and friendly environment for all members. Please make sure to keep up to date with this list; any updates will be posted on the front page of the community.

The Golden Rules

There are three golden rules for conduct in the community:
  • Respect your fellow members
  • Respect the community
  • Respect the staff and moderators

These are expanded below, but please keep in mind that ultimately we expect you to keep to the spirit of the rules and guidelines, and conduct that goes against this can still result in consequences.

[+] Explained
These guidelines have been colour-coded into three grades: Red Lines, Yellow Lines and Green Lines.
These are described below, along with the potential consequences for crossing these lines.

Red Lines:These are the lines you must not cross whilst using the forums.

Consequences: Breaching these rules will usually result in a one-week ban. After three bans, the fourth will be permanent.

At the discretion of the moderators and staff, this may be reduced to a three-month warning, or increased to an instant permanent ban.

Yellow Lines: This is behaviour we ask that you avoid on the forums.

Consequences: Breaches of these rules may be overlooked if they are mild, occasional, and/or fit the context they appear in. However, if you are frequently crossing these lines you will receive a three-month warning. If you continue to cross these lines while the warning is in effect, you will be given a one-week ban.

At the discretion of the moderators and staff, this may be reduced to an informal reminder about the rules, or increased up to an instant permanent ban in extreme cases.

Green Lines: This is behaviour we would encourage you to display on the forums.

Consequences: There are no sanctions for failing to comply with these (so long as red or yellow lines are not crossed), but we hope that you will try in the spirit of making this community the best it can be.

Respect your fellow members
  • DO NOT attack or threaten other members
    [+] Why
    You do not have to get on or agree with everyone else in the community. This is a place for people with lots of different opinions and ideas. However, that does not give you the right to treat them with hostility. Name calling, insults, threats of violence and any other kind of personal attack or threat have no place here.
  • DO NOT bully or harass other members
    [+] Why
    As above, bullying and harassment are not acceptable ways to vent your emotions or resolve disagreements. If someone wants you to leave them alone, then leave them alone.
  • DO NOT post personal information of yourself or other members
    [+] Why
    Please do not post your own or other people's personal information. This includes (but is not limited to) addresses, phone numbers, and any other kind of contact information. This is intended for everyone's safety.
  • PLEASE DO respect other users’ right to withdraw from a conversation
    [+] Why
    Sometimes people will want to leave a conversation, perhaps because discussing it is stressing them out, or maybe they have nothing left to say. Whatever the reason, if they stop responding or say they are done, please don’t demand that they keep going or attack them for not doing so.
  • PLEASE DO reach out to other members
    [+] Why
    It can feel really lonely when people seem to be ignoring your posts. So if you notice that someone hasn’t had any replies, please try to respond to them, so they can feel part of the community.

Respect the community
  • DO NOT engage in hate speech of any kind
    [+] Why
    If you live in Havering and have autism or are close to someone with autism, you should feel like this forum is a place you can come to, regardless of any other characteristic you have, be it legally protected or not.

    Even if the people you’re discussing it with don’t belong to these groups, imagine how you might feel if you came across something targeted at you, in a place where you are meant to feel welcome.

    This doesn’t mean you can’t debate topics around these identities. The key is to keep in mind that everyone involved is a human being, just like you.
  • DO NOT discuss illegal activity
    [+] Why
    Both yourself and the forum may end up in trouble or severely embarrassed if seen as condoning, promoting or otherwise facilitating illegal activities. On top of that, many people will not be comfortable using this forum if it is being used that way. So for the sake of not losing this opportunity, please do not discuss illegal activities (e.g. drug use, internet piracy, etc...)
  • AVOID using or linking to inappropriate language/content
    [+] Why
    This forum is not intended for children, but not all adults want to be around excessive bad language and inappropriate content either. Cases that are mild, occasional and appropriate may be tolerated, but taking it too far may get you a warning.

    If you are linking to content that is not obscene, but you aren't sure it's entirely to everyone's taste, make sure to write "NSFW" (not safe for work) next to the link to give other users a choice. Posting or linking to obscene content (e.g. pornography) can result a ban.

    Basically, if they wouldn't show it pre-watershed, don't put it on the forum.
  • AVOID using the forum for irrelevant advertisement
    [+] Why
    Like spam, unwanted advertisements can cause issues for online communities. For this reason we ask that posts intended to advertise events or products are limited to those which are relevant to the community, such as autism awareness training, sensory toys etc... We also ask that all advertisements within that scope are limited to the classifieds forum.

    Please note that this does not apply to recommendations made as part of a conversation. If you want to let someone know about a service they might be interested in, go ahead. Just make sure that it fits in the context of the thread

    PLEASE NOTE: Sycamore Trust does not endorse or accept responsibility or liability for any adverts or recommendations posted. Click on them at your own risk!
  • PLEASE DO make use of the Lobby if what you want to talk about doesn't need too much privacy
    [+] Why
    If you only post in your own group or project forums, you'll miss out on the chance to meet people from different backgrounds, the group/project forums will become bloated with unrelated conversations, and new members will have no-one to talk to. So please, use the Lobby where possible.
  • PLEASE DO follow the posting and profile guidelines
    [+] Why
    These guidelines are meant to make reading the forums easy on the eyes for all users. A huge image or signature that takes up half a page, can make reading a thread pretty difficult. If you do breach them, we reserve the right to make changes without your permission. Also, please keep in mind that the code of conduct applies to avatars and signatures as much as it does posts and private messages.

Respect the staff and moderators
  • DO NOT attack staff/moderators or their decisions
    [+] Why
    Staff and moderators will not always make the right decision. They may not know all the information, or may make mistakes.

    Regardless, attacking them for the decisions they make will not be tolerated. They are simply trying to support this community, and moderators in particular are unpaid volunteers and do not deserve to receive abuse in return for giving up their time. If moderators feel under constant attack, they will leave, and if they leave we will be unable to maintain the forums, meaning everyone loses out.

    If you have any problems, please feel free to email us at, ring 01708 749 816 or visit us in person at the Hub in Romford.
  • DO NOT try to undermine the rules by creating an alternate account
    [+] Why
    If you are given a ban, please respect that decision and wait it out, or appeal it through the proper channels. Don't just create a new account and go on as normal. We will see that it's you, and will be forced to give you a permanent ban.

    This is also important to note if you try using an alternate account to break any of these rules.
  • PLEASE DO use the report button when people cross lines, rather than dealing with them yourself.
    [+] Why
    We rely on our members to be vigilant and let us know when someone is being out of order. However, acting like a vigilante could mean you cross some lines yourself. So please trust the staff and moderators to do something about it, and use the report button.
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