POLL:Do you feel ISOLATED?

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Do you feel ISOLATED?

Yes! All the time.
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Sometimes, but not all the time.
Once in a while.
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No, I never feel isolated!
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LadyStone aka Caragh
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POLL:Do you feel ISOLATED?

Post by LadyStone aka Caragh » Wed 17 Oct , 2018 4:09 pm

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Re: POLL:Do you feel ISOLATED?

Post by Aimee » Wed 17 Oct , 2018 6:02 pm

sometimes I feel isolated.

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Re: POLL:Do you feel ISOLATED?

Post by AlexRowley » Wed 17 Oct , 2018 9:14 pm

I feel it far less since I started seeing my girlfriend, though it can still crop up, especially as she lives so far away.

A really bad time was 2012, when I'd just started university (OU) and my job, and completely neglected my social life to focus on those two things. I was going to work, where everyone was at least old enough to be my parent, then home to sit behind a computer doing distance learning. Things are far better now, even before my relationship started, as I've learnt better how to balance things.

The experience taught me that I actually do need social contact -albeit less than most- and I'm not the rock I thought I was.

Aaaaaand that makes me want to listen to some Simon and Garfunkle… ¬_¬
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