Autism Awareness Starts with You! [Sycamore Project: Autism Ambassadors]

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Autism Awareness Starts with You! [Sycamore Project: Autism Ambassadors]

Post by AlexRowley » Tue 28 Aug , 2018 1:03 pm

The Sycamore Trust
Autism Ambassadors

We aim to:
  • Increase autism awareness in our local communities!
    Our target is any and all services used by people with autism: supermarkets, job centres, fire stations, police stations, schools, nurseries, youth clubs, leisure centres, hospitals, GPs, etc...
  • Involve local autistic people as much as we can!
    They are the true ambassadors, volunteering their time to make our communities more accepting and accessible for everyone on the spectrum. More than being service users, they are our colleagues and peers in this mission!
  • Provide opportunities for local people with autism to grow!
    We've seen so many of our ambassadors benefit from being part of this project. From the confidence they build through public speaking, to coming to terms with their own autism, to the opportunities for travel training.

If you are interesting becoming an ambassador, or having the ambassadors deliver a presentation to your service, please feel free to contact us:

[A Sycamore Trust UK Project]
Here to help every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Just drop me an email or call the Hub and I'll see what I can do :ugeek:

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